thanks giving

How are you doing?
Recently, it is cold in San Diego like the beginning of the winter days in Japan.
I guess it was best choice to buy extra blanket lol

And. Today is Thanksgiving Day.
I have no idea about thanks giving before I came America.
but I went to thanksgiving dinner with oral presentation class student.
Then, teacher told us the meaning of thanksgiving.

I am grateful for environment that I have, good health, friend around me and family especially father. He alway understand what I wanna do and permit to do so.
Thank you for environment that I have. I am studying in San Diego, but it is not possible for everyone.
I would appreciated that I was able to go abroad here.

By the way, I am thinking about going travel before I leave.
The place is  Mexico and San Francisco.
I'm looking forward to going there. I can't stop being excited!

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